Before you reach for that vape pen, give a good think to the truly heinous stuff that you’re putting in your body.
(Hint: It’s more than just nicotine.)

What’s in the Pen?

Vaping means ingesting some of the most rancid stuff this side of a high school science lab. Think it’s just a harmless puff?
Think again. Vape pens are loaded with supremely gross nonsense every time you inhale.

Let’s break it down.


You know that sickly smelly stuff that preserves the frogs you dissect in anatomy class? It’s toxic. It’s pungent. It’s in vape pens.


That varnish stuff you shellack to wood to make it look shinier? It contains a compound that’s found in nail polish, paint thinner and — you guessed it — vape pens.


You know people use silverware to pick up their food and they usually don’t eat the silverware while they’re at it? Chromium is used to make silverware. It’s also found in vape pens.

Diethylene Glycol

That fluorescent green antifreeze stuff you pour into a car engine? It contains diethylene glycol. It’s literal poison to humans. And it’s found in vape pens.


Have you ever seen some lawn spray go to town on some weeds? Imagine the same thing happening to your lungs. Acrolein is a common weed-killer ingredient and common in vape pens.

The Puff is Rough.

E-cigarettes and vape pens are basically trash. Not to mention they make you look like a tool who actually enjoys smelling like garbage, having breath that reeks of putrid chemicals and coughing and hacking their way to some nasty diseases.

Easy Peasy, Diseasey.

It’s wild how many potentially lethal diseases are sped up by vaping or using e-cigarettes. Like, if coughing yourself to death isn’t on your to-do list, it’s time to put down the pen. Let’s talk through what 800+ national studies have pointed to when it comes to e-cigs and vape pens.

Drawing of lungs

Lung Disease & COPD

Don’t knock years off your lungs for the sake of a puff. The chemicals in vape pens contain volatile chemicals and heavy metals that ransack your lungs.

Drawing of a brain

Brain Damage

Vaping does a number on your synapses — the things that keep your brain cells working. Vaping speeds up your aging and can lead to serious brain damage.

Drawing of a heart

Heart Disease & Attack

The contents of a vape pen or e-cig can totally mess with your blood pressure, jack up your blood circulation and subject you to a heart attack at a much younger age than is normal in humans.

Commit to the Quit. 

You’re not alone. Quitting vaping can be a team sport. And South Dakota QuitLine can help.